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package flex

import ""

Package flex exposes gaemiddleware Environments for AppEngine's Flex environment.


Package Files

context.go env.go prpc.go


var (
    // ListeningAddr is a address to bind the listening socket to.
    ListeningAddr string
var ReadOnlyFlex = gaemiddleware.Environment{
    MemcacheAvailable: false,
    DSReadOnly:        true,
    DSReadOnlyPredicate: func(k *datastore.Key) (isRO bool) {

        return k.Namespace() != gaetsmon.DatastoreNamespace
    Prepare: func(c context.Context) {
        globalFlex = &cloud.Flex{
            Cache: lru.New(65535),
        var err error
        if globalFlexConfig, err = globalFlex.Configure(c); err != nil {
            panic(errors.Annotate(err, "could not create Flex config").Err())
    WithInitialRequest: func(c context.Context, req *http.Request) context.Context {

        if globalFlexConfig == nil {

            panic("global Flex config is not initialized")
        return globalFlexConfig.Use(c, globalFlex.Request(c, req))
    WithConfig: gaeconfig.UseFlex,
    WithAuth: func(c context.Context) context.Context {
        return auth.Initialize(c, &globalAuthConfig)
    ExtraMiddleware: router.NewMiddlewareChain(
    ExtraHandlers: func(r *router.Router, base router.MiddlewareChain) {
        gaeauth.InstallHandlers(r, base)
        pprof.InstallHandlers(r, base)

        r.GET("/_ah/health", router.MiddlewareChain{},
            func(c *router.Context) { c.Writer.WriteHeader(http.StatusOK) })

ReadOnlyFlex is an Environment designed for cooperative Flex support environments.

func HTTPRequest Uses

func HTTPRequest(c context.Context) *http.Request

HTTPRequest returns the inbound HTTP request associated with the current Context.

This value will always be available if the Context has been initialized by Use.

func WithGlobal Uses

func WithGlobal(c context.Context) context.Context

WithGlobal returns a Context that is not attached to a specific request.

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