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package tasks

import ""

Package tasks contains task queue implementations.


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func CancelSwarmingTask Uses

func CancelSwarmingTask(ctx context.Context, task *taskdefs.CancelSwarmingTask) error

CancelSwarmingTask enqueues a task queue task to cancel the given Swarming task.

func ExportBigQuery Uses

func ExportBigQuery(ctx context.Context, task *taskdefs.ExportBigQuery) error

ExportBigQuery enqueues a task queue task to export the given build to BigQuery.

func FinalizeResultDB Uses

func FinalizeResultDB(ctx context.Context, task *taskdefs.FinalizeResultDB) error

FinalizeResultDB enqueues a task queue task to finalize the invocation for the given build in ResultDB.

func NotifyPubSub Uses

func NotifyPubSub(ctx context.Context, task *taskdefs.NotifyPubSub) error

NotifyPubSub enqueues a task queue task to notify Pub/Sub about the given build.


defsPackage taskdefs contains task queue task definitions.

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