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package cli

import ""

Package cli implements CLI client for buildbucket service.


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func Main Uses

func Main(p Params, args []string) int

Main is the main function of the bb application.

func PropertiesFlag Uses

func PropertiesFlag(props *structpb.Struct) flag.Getter

PropertiesFlag returns a flag.Getter that can read property values into props.

If a flag value starts with @, properties are read from the JSON file at the path that follows @. Example:

-p @my_properties.json

This form can be used only in the first flag value.

Otherwise, a flag value must have name=value form. If the property value is valid JSON, then it is parsed as JSON; otherwise treated as a string. Example:

-p foo=1 -p 'bar={"a": 2}'

Different property names can be specified multiple times.

Panics if props is nil. String() of the return value panics if marshaling of props to JSON fails.

func StatusFlag Uses

func StatusFlag(status *pb.Status) flag.Getter

StatusFlag returns a flag.Getter which reads a flag value into status. Valid flag values: scheduled, started, ended, success, failure, infra_failure, canceled. Panics if status is nil.

type Params Uses

type Params struct {
    DefaultBuildbucketHost string
    Auth                   auth.Options

Params is the parameters for the bb application.

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