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package repo

import ""

Package repo contains implementation of cipd.Repository service RPC service.

This is public API of the CIPD backend. Use Public() function to grab an instance of the service that does all ACL checks.


Package Files

acl.go doc.go repo.go

type Server Uses

type Server interface {

    // InstallHandlers installs non-pRPC HTTP handlers into the router.
    // Assumes 'base' middleware chain does OAuth2 authentication already.
    InstallHandlers(r *router.Router, base router.MiddlewareChain)

Server is api.RepositoryServer that can also expose some non-pRPC routes.

func Public Uses

func Public(internalCAS cas.StorageServer, d *tq.Dispatcher) Server

Public returns publicly exposed implementation of cipd.Repository service.

It checks ACLs.


processingPackage processing contains code related to post-registration instance processing.
tasksPackage tasks contains task queue tasks definitions.

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