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package lib

import ""

Package lib is used to implement the parent package main.


Package Files

archive.go common.go doc.go download.go version.go


const IsolatedVersion = "0.3"

IsolatedVersion must be updated whenever functional change (behavior, arguments, supported commands) is done.

func CmdArchive Uses

func CmdArchive(options CommandOptions) *subcommands.Command

CmdArchive returns an object for the `archive` subcommand.

func CmdDownload Uses

func CmdDownload(options CommandOptions) *subcommands.Command

CmdDownload returns an object for the `download` subcommand.

type CommandOptions Uses

type CommandOptions struct {
    AuthClient      *http.Client
    AnonClient      *http.Client
    DefaultAuthOpts auth.Options

CommandOptions is used to initialize an isolated command.

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