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package nestedflagset

import ""


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lexer.go nestedflagset.go token.go

type FlagSet Uses

type FlagSet struct {
    F flag.FlagSet // The underlying FlagSet, populated on Parse.

FlagSet is a flag.Flag implementation that parses into a nested flag.FlagSet.

The FlagSet's flag value is parsed broken into a series of sub-options, which are then loaded into the nested flag set (FlagSet.F).

func (*FlagSet) Parse Uses

func (fs *FlagSet) Parse(line string) error

Parse parses a one-line option string into the underlying flag set.

func (*FlagSet) Set Uses

func (fs *FlagSet) Set(value string) error

Set implements flags.Value.

func (*FlagSet) String Uses

func (fs *FlagSet) String() string

String implements flags.Value.

func (*FlagSet) Usage Uses

func (fs *FlagSet) Usage() string

Usage constructs a one-line usage string for all of the options defined in Flags.

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