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package isolatedfake

import ""

Package isolatedfake implements an in-process fake Isolated server for integration testing.


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type IsolatedFake Uses

type IsolatedFake struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

IsolatedFake is a functional fake in-memory isolated server.

func New Uses

func New() *IsolatedFake

New create a HTTP router that implements an isolated server.

func (*IsolatedFake) Contents Uses

func (s *IsolatedFake) Contents() map[string]map[isolated.HexDigest][]byte

Contents returns all the uncompressed data on the fake isolated server, per namespace.

func (*IsolatedFake) Error Uses

func (s *IsolatedFake) Error() error

Error returns any registered error.

It can either be due to a server side error (improper API use) or an error injected by fail().

func (*IsolatedFake) Inject Uses

func (s *IsolatedFake) Inject(namespace string, data []byte) isolated.HexDigest

Inject adds uncompressed data in the fake isolated server.

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