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package testconfig

import ""


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func WithCommonClient Uses

func WithCommonClient(c context.Context, base config.Interface) context.Context

WithCommonClient installs a backend.B into the supplied Context that loads its configuration from base.

type Provider Uses

type Provider struct {
    // Base is the base interface.
    Base config.Interface

Provider is a client.Provider that is backed by a config interface. This differs from client.RemoteProvider in that it takes an arbitrary config interface instance rather than generating a remote one.

Its intended use is for testing setups.

Provider performs access checks locally using access.CheckAccess.

func (*Provider) GetConfigClient Uses

func (p *Provider) GetConfigClient(c context.Context, a backend.Authority) config.Interface

GetConfigClient implements ClientProvider.

func (*Provider) GetServiceURL Uses

func (p *Provider) GetServiceURL() url.URL

GetServiceURL implements ClientProvider.

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