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package ledcli

import ""

Package ledcli implements the subcommands for the `led` command line tool.

Each file here roughly corresponds to one of the subcommands of `led`. A `led` subcommand manipulates a `job definition` object (a proto, see the `job` subpackage).

The `get*` subcommands writes a job definition from some external source. The `launch` subcommand reads a job definition and launches it in Swarming. The `edit*` subcommands reads a job definition, manipulates it, then writes

the evolved job definition out.

led subcommands are meant to be connected in a UNIX pipeline, starting with a 'get' subcommand, and ending with the 'launch' subcommand.


Package Files

doc.go edit.go edit_cr_cl.go edit_isolated.go edit_recipe_bundle.go edit_system.go get_build.go get_builder.go get_swarm.go launch.go main.go util.go

func Main Uses

func Main(ks job.KitchenSupport)

Main executes the entire 'led' command line program, including argument parsing and exiting the binary.

If you want to support 'kitchen' based swarming tasks, pass an implementation of `ks`. The only implementation of `ks` that matters is in the 'infra/tools/led2' package.

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