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package endpoints

import ""


Package Files

context.go projectBoundMessage.go services.go util.go

func MinDuration Uses

func MinDuration(candidates ...*duration.Duration) (exp time.Duration)

MinDuration selects the smallest duration that is > 0 from a set of duration.Duration protobufs.

If none of the supplied Durations are > 0, 0 will be returned.

func WithServices Uses

func WithServices(c context.Context, s Services) context.Context

WithServices installs the supplied Services instance into a Context.

type ProdService Uses

type ProdService struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ProdService is an instance-global configuration for production Coordinator services. A zero-value struct should be used.

It can be installed via middleware using its Base method. This also fulfills the publisher ClientFactory interface.

func (*ProdService) Base Uses

func (svc *ProdService) Base(c *router.Context, next router.Handler)

Base is Middleware used by Coordinator services.

It installs a production Services instance into the Context.

func (*ProdService) Client Uses

func (svc *ProdService) Client(c context.Context) (*vkit.PublisherClient, error)

Client creates or returns a new or existing pubsub client. If the client is reused, the client context might be from a previous request on the same instance.

func (*ProdService) RecreateClient Uses

func (svc *ProdService) RecreateClient()

RecreateClient removes the attached pubsub client so that the next Client calls returns a new client.

type ProjectBoundMessage Uses

type ProjectBoundMessage interface {
    // GetMessageProject returns the Project to which this message is bound.
    GetMessageProject() string

ProjectBoundMessage describes an object that is bound to a Project namespace.

This is intended to be implemented by project-bound protobufs.

type Services Uses

type Services interface {

    // ArchivalPublisher returns an ArchivalPublisher instance.
    ArchivalPublisher(context.Context) (coordinator.ArchivalPublisher, error)

Services is a set of support services used by AppEngine Classic Coordinator endpoints.

Each instance is valid for a single request, but can be re-used throughout that request. This is advised, as the Services instance may optionally cache values.

Services methods are goroutine-safe.

func GetServices Uses

func GetServices(c context.Context) Services

GetServices gets the Services instance installed in the supplied Context.

If no Services has been installed, it will panic.



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