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package mutations

import ""


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type CreateArchiveTask Uses

type CreateArchiveTask struct {
    // ID is the hash ID of the LogStream whose archive task is being created.
    // Note that the task will apply to the LogStreamState, not the stream
    // entity itself.
    ID  coordinator.HashID

    // Key is the archive key of the previous archive attempt.
    // This is only provided if this archive task is a re-task.
    Key []byte

    // SettleDelay is the settle delay (see ArchivalParams).
    SettleDelay time.Duration
    // CompletePeriod is the complete period to use (see ArchivalParams).
    CompletePeriod time.Duration

    // Expiration is the delay applied to the archive task via ProcessAfter.
    Expiration time.Time

CreateArchiveTask is a tumble Mutation that registers an archive task.

It is a named mutation.

func (*CreateArchiveTask) HighPriority Uses

func (m *CreateArchiveTask) HighPriority() bool

HighPriority implements tumble.DelayedMutation.

func (*CreateArchiveTask) ProcessAfter Uses

func (m *CreateArchiveTask) ProcessAfter() time.Time

ProcessAfter implements tumble.DelayedMutation.

func (*CreateArchiveTask) RollForward Uses

func (m *CreateArchiveTask) RollForward(c context.Context) ([]tumble.Mutation, error)

RollForward implements tumble.DelayedMutation.

func (*CreateArchiveTask) Root Uses

func (m *CreateArchiveTask) Root(c context.Context) *ds.Key

Root implements tumble.DelayedMutation.

func (*CreateArchiveTask) TaskName Uses

func (m *CreateArchiveTask) TaskName(c context.Context) string

TaskName returns the task's name, which is derived from its log stream ID.

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