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package null

import ""


Package Files


type Output Uses

type Output struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Output implements the butler output.Output interface, but sends the data nowhere.

Output does collect stats, however.

func (*Output) Close Uses

func (o *Output) Close()

Close implements output.Output

func (*Output) MaxSendBundles Uses

func (o *Output) MaxSendBundles() int

MaxSendBundles implements output.Output

func (*Output) MaxSize Uses

func (o *Output) MaxSize() int

MaxSize returns a large number instead of 0 because butler has bugs.

func (*Output) SendBundle Uses

func (o *Output) SendBundle(b *logpb.ButlerLogBundle) error

SendBundle implements output.Output

func (*Output) Stats Uses

func (o *Output) Stats() output.Stats

Stats implements output.Output

func (*Output) URLConstructionEnv Uses

func (o *Output) URLConstructionEnv() bootstrap.Environment

URLConstructionEnv implements output.Output

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