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package config

import ""


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builder.go config.go emailtemplate.go project.go settings.go validate.go

func GetConfigService Uses

func GetConfigService(c context.Context) configInterface.Interface

GetConfigService returns an Interface based on the provided context values

func UpdateHandler Uses

func UpdateHandler(c *router.Context)

UpdateHandler is the HTTP router handler for handling cron-triggered configuration update requests.

func WithConfigService Uses

func WithConfigService(c context.Context, cInterface configInterface.Interface) context.Context

WithConfigService sets a luci_notify config interface to be used for all config interaction.

type Builder Uses

type Builder struct {
    // ProjectKey is a datastore key to this Builder's project. Note that this key
    // is a parent key, effectively making the Builder a child of a specific project.
    ProjectKey *datastore.Key `gae:"$parent"`

    // ID is the builder's canonical ID (e.g. <bucket>/<name>).
    ID  string `gae:"$id"`

    // Repository is the repository this builder is tracking and the repository that
    // Revision is valid for.
    Repository string

    // Notifications is Notifications proto message, containing Notification messages
    // associated with this builder. Each notification contains information about who
    // to notify, and different settings on how to notify them.
    Notifications notifypb.Notifications

    // Status is current status of the builder.
    // It is updated every time a new build has a new status and either
    //   1) the new build has a newer revision than StatusRevision, or
    //   2) the new build's revision == StatusRevision, but it has a newer
    //      creation time.
    Status buildbucketpb.Status

    // BuildTime is computed as the creation time of the most recent build encountered.
    // It can be used to decide whether Status and this Builder should be updated.
    BuildTime time.Time

    // Revision is the revision of the codebase that's associated with the most
    // recent build encountered. It can be used to decide whether Status should be
    // updated.
    Revision string

    // GitilesCommits are the gitiles commits checked out by the most recent build
    // encountered that had a non-empty checkout. It can also be used to compute a
    // blamelist.
    GitilesCommits notifypb.GitilesCommits
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Builder represents the state of the last build seen from a particular builder in order to implement certain notification triggers (i.e. on change).

type EmailTemplate Uses

type EmailTemplate struct {
    // ProjectKey is a datastore key of the LUCI project containing this email
    // template.
    ProjectKey *datastore.Key `gae:"$parent"`

    // Name identifies the email template. It is unique within the project.
    Name string `gae:"$id"`

    // SubjectTextTemplate is a text.Template of the email subject.
    SubjectTextTemplate string `gae:",noindex"`

    // BodyHTMLTemplate is a html.Template of the email body.
    BodyHTMLTemplate string `gae:",noindex"`

    // DefinitionURL is a URL to human-viewable page that contains the definition
    // of this email template.
    DefinitionURL string `gae:",noindex"`

EmailTemplate is a Datastore entity directly under Project entity that represents an email template. It is managed by the cron job that ingests configs.

func (*EmailTemplate) Template Uses

func (t *EmailTemplate) Template() *mailtmpl.Template

Template converts t to *mailtmpl.Template.

type Project Uses

type Project struct {
    // Name is the name of the project.
    // This must be unique on this luci-notify instance.
    Name string `gae:"$id"`

    // Revision is the revision of this project's luci-notify configuration.
    Revision string

    // URL is the luci-config URL to this project's luci-notify configuration.
    URL string

Project represents the luci-notify configuration for a single project in the datastore.

type Settings Uses

type Settings struct {
    // ID is the datastore ID for service settings.
    ID  string `gae:"$id,service_config"`

    // Revision is the revision of this instance's configuration.
    Revision string

    // Settings is an embedded copy of this instance's configuration proto.
    Settings notifypb.Settings `gae:"-"`

Settings represents the luci-notify configuration for a single instance of the service.

func (*Settings) Load Uses

func (s *Settings) Load(props datastore.PropertyMap) error

Load loads a Settings's information from props.

This implements PropertyLoadSaver. Load unmarshals the property Settings stored in the datastore as a binary proto into the struct's Settings field.

func (*Settings) Save Uses

func (s *Settings) Save(withMeta bool) (datastore.PropertyMap, error)

Save saves a Settings's information to a property map.

This implements PropertyLoadSaver. Save marshals the Settings field as a binary proto and stores it in the Settings property.

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