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package normalize

import ""

Package normalize contains functions to "flatten" and normalize LUCI configs.

It is useful during the migration period to be able to work with existing deeply nested un-normalized configs (e.g. diff against them or use them as a basis for generated configs).


Package Files

buildbucket.go cq.go doc.go logdog.go milo.go notify.go project.go scheduler.go

func Buildbucket Uses

func Buildbucket(c context.Context, cfg *pb.BuildbucketCfg) error

Buildbucket normalizes cr-buildbucket.cfg config.

func CQ Uses

func CQ(c context.Context, cfg *pb.Config) error

CQ normalizes cq.cfg config.

func Logdog Uses

func Logdog(c context.Context, cfg *pb.ProjectConfig) error

Logdog normalizes logdog.cfg config.

func Milo Uses

func Milo(c context.Context, cfg *pb.Project) error

Milo normalizes luci-milo.cfg config.

func Notify Uses

func Notify(c context.Context, cfg *pb.ProjectConfig) error

Notify normalizes luci-notify.cfg config.

func Project Uses

func Project(c context.Context, cfg *pb.ProjectCfg) error

Project normalizes project.cfg config.

func Scheduler Uses

func Scheduler(c context.Context, cfg *pb.ProjectConfig) error

Scheduler normalizes luci-scheduler.cfg config.

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