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package buildspy

import ""


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type Data Uses

type Data struct {
    Build *pb.Build
    Err   error

Data represents a (build, err) tuple.

Every time a Spy intercepts a *Build, it will emit this. If the Spy encounters an error, it will emit this and close the channel.

type Spy Uses

type Spy struct {
    C <-chan Data
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Spy extracts a Build message from LogDog streams.

func New Uses

func New(streamNamePrefix string) *Spy

New creates a build spy.

Root build proto will be expected at "<streamNamePrefix>/build.proto". All logs of its steps and of steps of sub-builds must have this prefix.

The user of this Spy must drain `C` at all times; failure to do so will potentially block all incoming work to the logdog butler this Spy is attached to.

func (*Spy) On Uses

func (l *Spy) On(s *runnerbutler.Server)

On must be used to associate this Spy with a butler service. Otherwise the Spy does nothing.

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