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package buildbot

import ""


Package Files

build.go builder.go buildinfo.go grpc.go html_data.go pubsub.go


var TestCases = []struct {
    Builder string
    Build   int
    {"CrWinGoma", 30608},
    {"chromium_presubmit", 426944},
    {"newline", 1234},
    {"gerritCL", 1234},
    {"win_chromium_rel_ng", 246309},

TestCases is put here because _test.go files are sometimes not built.

TODO(maruel): What?

func CIService Uses

func CIService(c context.Context) (*ui.CIService, error)

CIService returns a *ui.CIService containing all known masters and builders.

func GetBuild Uses

func GetBuild(c context.Context, id buildbot.BuildID) (*ui.MiloBuildLegacy, error)

GetBuild fetches a buildbot build and translates it into a MiloBuildLegacy.

func GetBuildInfo Uses

func GetBuildInfo(c context.Context, req *milo.BuildInfoRequest_BuildBot,
    projectHint string) (*milo.BuildInfoResponse, error)

GetBuildInfo resolves a Milo protobuf Step for a given BuildBot build.

On failure, it returns a (potentially-wrapped) gRPC error.


1) Fetches the BuildBot build JSON from storage.
2) Resolves the LogDog annotation stream path from the BuildBot state.
3) Fetches the LogDog annotation stream and resolves it into a Step.
4) Merges some operational BuildBot build information into the Step.

func GetBuilder Uses

func GetBuilder(c context.Context, masterName, builderName string, limit int, cursor string) (*ui.BuilderLegacy, error)

GetBuilder is the implementation for getting a milo builder page from buildbot.

func PubSubHandler Uses

func PubSubHandler(ctx *router.Context)

PubSubHandler is a webhook that stores the builds coming in from pubsub.

func StatsHandler Uses

func StatsHandler(c context.Context) error

StatsHandler is a cron endpoint that sends stats periodically.

type Prop Uses

type Prop struct {
    Value interface{}
    Group string

Prop is a struct used to store a value and group so that we can make a map of key:Prop to pass into parseProp() for the purpose of cross referencing one prop while working on another.

type Service Uses

type Service struct{}

Service is a service implementation that displays BuildBot builds.

func (*Service) GetBuildbotBuildJSON Uses

func (s *Service) GetBuildbotBuildJSON(c context.Context, req *milo.BuildbotBuildRequest) (
    *milo.BuildbotBuildJSON, error)

GetBuildbotBuildJSON implements milo.BuildbotServer.

func (*Service) GetBuildbotBuildsJSON Uses

func (s *Service) GetBuildbotBuildsJSON(c context.Context, req *milo.BuildbotBuildsRequest) (
    *milo.BuildbotBuildsJSON, error)

GetBuildbotBuildsJSON implements milo.BuildbotServer.

func (*Service) GetCompressedMasterJSON Uses

func (s *Service) GetCompressedMasterJSON(c context.Context, req *milo.MasterRequest) (
    *milo.CompressedMasterJSON, error)

GetCompressedMasterJSON assembles a CompressedMasterJSON object from the provided MasterRequest.


buildstorePackage buildstore implements storage of //milo/api/buildbot/* types.

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