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package buildbucket

import ""


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buckets.go build.go builder.go builders_client.go builds_client.go common.go feedback_links.go pools.go pubsub.go


var (
    ErrNotFound    = errors.Reason("Build not found").Tag(grpcutil.NotFoundTag).Err()
    ErrNotLoggedIn = errors.Reason("not logged in").Tag(grpcutil.UnauthenticatedTag).Err()

func BuildAddress Uses

func BuildAddress(build *buildbucketpb.Build) string

BuildAddress constructs the build address of a buildbucketpb.Build. This is used as the key for the BuildSummary entity.

func CIService Uses

func CIService(c context.Context) (*ui.CIService, error)

CIService returns a *ui.CIService containing all known buckets and builders.

func CancelBuild Uses

func CancelBuild(c context.Context, id int64, reason string) (*buildbucketpb.Build, error)

CancelBuild cancels the build with the given ID.

func GetBuildPage Uses

func GetBuildPage(ctx *router.Context, br *buildbucketpb.GetBuildRequest, blamelistOpt BlamelistOption) (*ui.BuildPage, error)

GetBuildPage fetches the full set of information for a Milo build page from Buildbucket. Including the blamelist and other auxiliary information.

func GetBuildSummary Uses

func GetBuildSummary(c context.Context, id int64) (*model.BuildSummary, error)

GetBuildSummary fetches a build summary where the Context URI matches the given address.

func GetBuilderID Uses

func GetBuilderID(c context.Context, id int64) (builder *buildbucketpb.BuilderID, number int32, err error)

GetBuilderID returns the builder, and maybe the build number, for a build id.

func GetBuilderPage Uses

func GetBuilderPage(c context.Context, bid *buildbucketpb.BuilderID, pageSize int, pageToken string) (*ui.BuilderPage, error)

GetBuilderPage computes a builder page data.

func GetBuilders Uses

func GetBuilders(c context.Context) (*swarmbucket.LegacySwarmbucketApiGetBuildersResponseMessage, error)

GetBuilders returns all Swarmbucket builders, cached for current identity.

func GetRelatedBuildsTable Uses

func GetRelatedBuildsTable(c context.Context, buildbucketID int64) (*ui.RelatedBuildsTable, error)

GetRelatedBuildsTable fetches all the related builds of the given build from Buildbucket.

func MakeBuildBugLink(bt *config.BugTemplate, data interface{}) (string, error)

MakeBuildBugLink attempts to create the feedback link for the build page. If the project is not configured for a custom build bug link or an interpolation placeholder cannot be satisfied an empty string is returned.

func MakeBuildKey Uses

func MakeBuildKey(c context.Context, host, buildAddress string) *datastore.Key

MakeBuildKey returns a new datastore Key for a buildbucket.Build.

There's currently no model associated with this key, but it's used as a parent for a model.BuildSummary.

func ProdBuildersClientFactory Uses

func ProdBuildersClientFactory(c context.Context, host string, as auth.RPCAuthorityKind, opts ...auth.RPCOption) (buildbucketpb.BuildersClient, error)

func ProdBuildsClientFactory Uses

func ProdBuildsClientFactory(c context.Context, host string, as auth.RPCAuthorityKind, opts ...auth.RPCOption) (buildbucketpb.BuildsClient, error)

func PubSubHandler Uses

func PubSubHandler(ctx *router.Context)

PubSubHandler is a webhook that stores the builds coming in from pubsub.

func RetryBuild Uses

func RetryBuild(c context.Context, buildbucketID int64, requestID string) (*buildbucketpb.Build, error)

RetryBuild retries the build with the given ID and returns the new build.

func UpdatePools Uses

func UpdatePools(c context.Context) error

UpdatePools is a cron job endpoint that: 1. Fetches all the builders from our associated Swarmbucket instance. 2. Consolidates all known descriptors (host+dimensions), saves BuilderPool. 3. Fetches and saves BotPool data from swarming for all known descriptors.

func WithBuildersClientFactory Uses

func WithBuildersClientFactory(c context.Context, factory buildersClientFactory) context.Context

WithBuildersClientFactory installs a buildbucket rpc builders client in the context.

func WithBuildsClientFactory Uses

func WithBuildsClientFactory(c context.Context, factory buildsClientFactory) context.Context

WithBuildsClientFactory installs a buildbucket rpc builds client in the context.

type BlamelistOption Uses

type BlamelistOption int

BlamelistOption specifies whether the blamelist should be fetched as part of the build page request.

var (
    // NoBlamelist means blamelist shouldn't be fetched.
    NoBlamelist BlamelistOption = 0
    // GetBlamelist means blamelist should be fetched with a short timeout.
    GetBlamelist BlamelistOption = 1
    // ForceBlamelist means blamelist should be fetched with a long timeout.
    ForceBlamelist BlamelistOption = 2

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