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package gitacls

import ""

Package gitacls implements read ACLs for Git/Gerrit data.


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func ValidateConfig Uses

func ValidateConfig(ctx *validation.Context, cfg []*config.Settings_SourceAcls)

ValidateConfig passes all validation errors through validation context.

type ACLs Uses

type ACLs struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ACLs define readers for git repositories and Gerrits CLs.

func FromConfig Uses

func FromConfig(c context.Context, cfg []*config.Settings_SourceAcls) (*ACLs, error)

FromConfig returns ACLs if config is valid.

func (*ACLs) IsAllowed Uses

func (a *ACLs) IsAllowed(c context.Context, host, project string) (bool, error)

IsAllowed returns whether current identity has been granted read access to given Git/Gerrit project.

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