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package resultdb

import ""


Package Files

invocation.go variantdef.go

func NormalizeInvocation Uses

func NormalizeInvocation(inv *pb.Invocation)

NormalizeInvocation converts inv to the canonical form.

func NormalizeTestResult Uses

func NormalizeTestResult(tr *pb.TestResult)

NormalizeTestResult converts inv to the canonical form.

func NormalizeTestResultSlice Uses

func NormalizeTestResultSlice(trs []*pb.TestResult)

NormalizeTestResultSlice converts trs to the canonical form.

type VariantDefMap Uses

type VariantDefMap map[string]string

VariantDefMap contains the key:val pairs that define a Variant.

It is the "Def" part of a VariantDef proto.

func MergeTestVariantMaps Uses

func MergeTestVariantMaps(maps ...VariantDefMap) VariantDefMap

MergeTestVariantMaps gets the test variant def from merging the input maps.

If multiple maps define the same key, the last one wins.

func (VariantDefMap) ID Uses

func (d VariantDefMap) ID() string

ID returns a hex SHA256 hash of newline-joined "<key>:<val>" strings from the variant as an ID.

func (VariantDefMap) Proto Uses

func (d VariantDefMap) Proto() *resultspb.VariantDef

Proto converts the VariantDefMap to a resultspb.VariantDef proto.

func (VariantDefMap) SortedKeys Uses

func (d VariantDefMap) SortedKeys() []string

SortedKeys returns the keys in the variant def as a sorted slice.

func (VariantDefMap) Validate Uses

func (d VariantDefMap) Validate() error

Validate validates the receiver VariantDefMap by checking characters and length of the keys and values.


internal/spanPackage span contains utility functions to interact with the underlying Spanner storage.
pbutilPackage pbutil implements utility functions for ResultDB protobuf messages.

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