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package internal

import ""


Package Files

common.go isolate.go main.go

func AssertUTC Uses

func AssertUTC(t time.Time)

AssertUTC panics if t is not UTC.

func CommonPostlude Uses

func CommonPostlude(ctx context.Context, methodName string, rsp proto.Message, err error) error

CommonPostlude must be used as a postlude in all ResultDB services.

Extracts a status using appstatus and returns to the requester. If the error is internal or unknown, logs the stack trace.

func CommonPrelude Uses

func CommonPrelude(ctx context.Context, methodName string, req proto.Message) (context.Context, error)

CommonPrelude must be used as a prelude in all ResultDB services. Verifies access.

func HTTPClient Uses

func HTTPClient(ctx context.Context) *http.Client

HTTPClient retrieves the current http.client from the context.

func IsolateURL Uses

func IsolateURL(host, ns, digest string) string

IsolateURL returns a machine-readable URL for an isolated object.

func Main Uses

func Main(init func(srv *server.Server) error)

Main runs a service.

Registers -spanner-database flag and initializes a Spanner client.

Registers flags for Redis connection.

func ParseIsolateURL Uses

func ParseIsolateURL(s string) (host, ns, digest string, err error)

ParseIsolateURL parses an isolate URL. It is a reverse of IsolateURL.

func WithHTTPClient Uses

func WithHTTPClient(ctx context.Context, client *http.Client) context.Context

WithHTTPClient returns a context with the client embedded.


artifactcontentPackage artifactcontent can serve artifact content via plain HTTP securely.
cronPackage cron can runs functions periodically.
services/globalmetricsPackage globalmetrics reports metrics that are computationally heavy.
services/purgerPackage purger deletes expired test results from Spanner.
services/recorderPackage recorder implements a binary that hosts luci.resultdb.rpc.v1.Recorder service.
spanPackage span contains utility functions to interact with the underlying Spanner storage.
span/spantestPackage spantest contains tests for package span.
tasksPackage tasks implements asynchronous invocation processing.
usercontentPackage usercontent can serve user content via plain HTTP securely.

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