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package recorder

import ""

Package recorder implements a binary that hosts luci.resultdb.v1.Recorder service.


Package Files

batch_create_invocations.go batch_create_test_exonerations.go batch_create_test_results.go create_artifact.go create_invocation.go create_test_exoneration.go create_test_result.go doc.go finalize_invocation.go invocation.go permissions.go recorder.go update_included_invocations.go update_invocation.go


const UpdateTokenMetadataKey = "update-token"

UpdateTokenMetadataKey is the metadata.MD key for the secret update token required to mutate an invocation. It is returned by CreateInvocation RPC in response header metadata, and is required by all RPCs mutating an invocation.

func InitServer Uses

func InitServer(srv *server.Server, opt Options) error

InitServer initializes a recorder server.

type Options Uses

type Options struct {
    // Duration since invocation creation after which to delete expected test
    // results.
    ExpectedResultsExpiration time.Duration

    // ArtifactRBEInstance is the name of the RBE instance to use for artifact
    // storage. Example: "projects/luci-resultdb/instances/artifacts".
    ArtifactRBEInstance string

Options is recorder server configuration.

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