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package resultdb

import ""


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get_artifact.go get_invocation.go get_test_exoneration.go get_test_result.go get_test_result_history.go list_artifacts.go list_test_exonerations.go list_test_results.go permissions.go query_artifacts.go query_test_exonerations.go query_test_result_statistics.go query_test_results.go query_test_variants.go resultdb.go

func InitServer Uses

func InitServer(srv *server.Server, opts Options) error

InitServer initializes a resultdb server.

type Options Uses

type Options struct {
    // InsecureSelfURLs is set to true to use http:// (not https://) for URLs
    // pointing back to ResultDB.
    InsecureSelfURLs bool

    // ContentHostnameMap maps a Host header of GetArtifact request to a host name
    // to use for all user-content URLs.
    // Special key "*" indicates a fallback.
    ContentHostnameMap map[string]string

    // ArtifactRBEInstance is the name of the RBE instance to use for artifact
    // storage. Example: "projects/luci-resultdb/instances/artifacts".
    ArtifactRBEInstance string

Options is resultdb server configuration.

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