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package insert

import ""

Package insert implements functions to insert rows for testing purposes.


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func Artifact Uses

func Artifact(invID invocations.ID, parentID, artID string, extraValues map[string]interface{}) *spanner.Mutation

Artifact returns a Spanner mutation to insert an artifact.

func FinalizedInvocationWithInclusions Uses

func FinalizedInvocationWithInclusions(id invocations.ID, extraValues map[string]interface{}, included ...invocations.ID) []*spanner.Mutation

FinalizedInvocationWithInclusions returns mutations to insert a finalized invocation with inclusions.

func Inclusion Uses

func Inclusion(including, included invocations.ID) *spanner.Mutation

Inclusion returns a spanner mutation that inserts an inclusion.

func Invocation Uses

func Invocation(id invocations.ID, state pb.Invocation_State, extraValues map[string]interface{}) *spanner.Mutation

Invocation returns a spanner mutation that inserts an invocation.

func InvocationWithInclusions Uses

func InvocationWithInclusions(id invocations.ID, state pb.Invocation_State, extraValues map[string]interface{}, included ...invocations.ID) []*spanner.Mutation

InvocationWithInclusions returns mutations to insert an invocation with inclusions.

func MakeTestResults Uses

func MakeTestResults(invID, testID string, v *pb.Variant, statuses ...pb.TestStatus) []*pb.TestResult

MakeTestResults creates test results.

func TestExonerations Uses

func TestExonerations(invID invocations.ID, testID string, variant *pb.Variant, count int) []*spanner.Mutation

TestExonerations returns Spanner mutations to insert test exonerations.

func TestResultMessages Uses

func TestResultMessages(trs []*pb.TestResult) []*spanner.Mutation

TestResultMessages returns spanner mutations to insert test results

func TestResults Uses

func TestResults(invID, testID string, v *pb.Variant, statuses ...pb.TestStatus) []*spanner.Mutation

TestResults returns spanner mutations to insert test results

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