backendBinary backend implements HTTP server that handles requests to 'backend' module.
frontendBinary frontend implements HTTP server that handles requests to 'default' module.
impl/certcheckerPackage certchecker contains implementation of CertChecker.
impl/certconfigPackage certconfig contains code to work with imported CAs and their CRLs.
impl/machinetokenPackage machinetoken implements generation of LUCI machine tokens.
impl/serviceaccountsv2Package serviceaccountsv2 implements MintServiceAccountToken RPC.
impl/services/admin/adminsrvPackage adminsrv implements Admin API.
impl/services/admin/certauthoritiesPackage certauthorities implements CertificateAuthorities API.
impl/services/minter/tokenminterPackage tokenminter implements TokenMinter API.
impl/utilsPackage utils contains a variety of small utility functions used by other tokenserver packages.
impl/utils/identitysetPackage identityset implements a set-like structure for identity.Identity.
impl/utils/policyPackage policy contains implementation of Policy parsing and querying.
impl/utils/revocationPackage revocation contains utilities for implementing token revocation.
impl/utils/shardsPackage shards provides a low level support for implementing sharded set of []byte blobs.
impl/utils/tokensigningPackage tokensigning implements utilities for RSA-signing of proto messages.

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