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package schnorr

import ""

Package schnorr implements the vanilla Schnorr signature scheme. See

The only difference regarding the vanilla reference is the computation of the response. This implementation adds the random component with the challenge times private key while the Wikipedia article substracts them.

The resulting signature is compatible with EdDSA verification algorithm when using the edwards25519 group, and by extension the CoSi verification algorithm.


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func Sign Uses

func Sign(s Suite, private kyber.Scalar, msg []byte) ([]byte, error)

Sign creates a Sign signature from a msg and a private key. This signature can be verified with VerifySchnorr. It's also a valid EdDSA signature when using the edwards25519 Group.

func Verify Uses

func Verify(g kyber.Group, public kyber.Point, msg, sig []byte) error

Verify verifies a given Schnorr signature. It returns nil iff the given signature is valid.

func VerifyWithChecks Uses

func VerifyWithChecks(g kyber.Group, pub, msg, sig []byte) error

VerifyWithChecks uses a public key buffer, a message and a signature. It will return nil if sig is a valid signature for msg created by key public, or an error otherwise. Compared to `Verify`, it performs additional checks around the canonicality and ensures the public key does not have a small order when using `edwards25519` group.

type Suite Uses

type Suite interface {

Suite represents the set of functionalities needed by the package schnorr.

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