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package test

import ""

Package test contains generic testing and benchmarking infrastructure for cryptographic groups and ciphersuites.


Package Files

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func CompareGroups Uses

func CompareGroups(t *testing.T, fn func(key []byte) kyber.XOF, g1, g2 kyber.Group)

CompareGroups tests two group implementations that are supposed to be equivalent, and compare their results.

func GroupTest Uses

func GroupTest(t *testing.T, g kyber.Group)

GroupTest applies a generic set of validation tests to a cryptographic Group.

func SuiteTest Uses

func SuiteTest(t *testing.T, suite suite)

SuiteTest tests a standard set of validation tests to a ciphersuite.

type GroupBench Uses

type GroupBench struct {
    X, Y kyber.Point

    Xe  []byte // encoded Point
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

GroupBench is a generic benchmark suite for kyber.groups.

func NewGroupBench Uses

func NewGroupBench(g kyber.Group) *GroupBench

NewGroupBench returns a new GroupBench.

func (GroupBench) PointAdd Uses

func (gb GroupBench) PointAdd(iters int)

PointAdd benchmarks the addition operation for points

func (GroupBench) PointBaseMul Uses

func (gb GroupBench) PointBaseMul(iters int)

PointBaseMul benchmarks the base multiplication operation for points

func (GroupBench) PointDecode Uses

func (gb GroupBench) PointDecode(iters int)

PointDecode benchmarks the decoding operation for points

func (GroupBench) PointEncode Uses

func (gb GroupBench) PointEncode(iters int)

PointEncode benchmarks the encoding operation for points

func (GroupBench) PointMul Uses

func (gb GroupBench) PointMul(iters int)

PointMul benchmarks the multiplication operation for points

func (GroupBench) PointNeg Uses

func (gb GroupBench) PointNeg(iters int)

PointNeg benchmarks the negation operation for points

func (GroupBench) PointPick Uses

func (gb GroupBench) PointPick(iters int)

PointPick benchmarks the pick-ing operation for points

func (GroupBench) PointSub Uses

func (gb GroupBench) PointSub(iters int)

PointSub benchmarks the substraction operation for points

func (GroupBench) ScalarAdd Uses

func (gb GroupBench) ScalarAdd(iters int)

ScalarAdd benchmarks the addition operation for scalars

func (GroupBench) ScalarDecode Uses

func (gb GroupBench) ScalarDecode(iters int)

ScalarDecode benchmarks the unmarshalling operation for scalars

func (GroupBench) ScalarDiv Uses

func (gb GroupBench) ScalarDiv(iters int)

ScalarDiv benchmarks the division operation for scalars

func (GroupBench) ScalarEncode Uses

func (gb GroupBench) ScalarEncode(iters int)

ScalarEncode benchmarks the marshalling operation for scalars

func (GroupBench) ScalarInv Uses

func (gb GroupBench) ScalarInv(iters int)

ScalarInv benchmarks the inverse operation for scalars

func (GroupBench) ScalarMul Uses

func (gb GroupBench) ScalarMul(iters int)

ScalarMul benchmarks the multiplication operation for scalars

func (GroupBench) ScalarNeg Uses

func (gb GroupBench) ScalarNeg(iters int)

ScalarNeg benchmarks the negation operation for scalars

func (GroupBench) ScalarPick Uses

func (gb GroupBench) ScalarPick(iters int)

ScalarPick benchmarks the Pick operation for scalars

func (GroupBench) ScalarSub Uses

func (gb GroupBench) ScalarSub(iters int)

ScalarSub benchmarks the substraction operation for scalars

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