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package wildcard

import "go.elastic.co/apm/internal/wildcard"

Package wildcard provides a fast, zero-allocation wildcard matcher.


Package Files

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type CaseSensitivity Uses

type CaseSensitivity bool

CaseSensitivity controls the case sensitivity of matching.

const (
    CaseSensitive   CaseSensitivity = true
    CaseInsensitive CaseSensitivity = false

CaseSensitivity values.

type Matcher Uses

type Matcher struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Matcher matches strings against a wildcard pattern with configurable case sensitivity.

func NewMatcher Uses

func NewMatcher(p string, caseSensitive CaseSensitivity) *Matcher

NewMatcher constructs a new wildcard matcher for the given pattern.

If p is the empty string, it will match only the empty string. If p is not a valid UTF-8 string, matching behaviour is undefined.

func (*Matcher) Match Uses

func (m *Matcher) Match(s string) bool

Match reports whether s matches m's wildcard pattern.

type Matchers Uses

type Matchers []*Matcher

Matchers is a slice of Matcher, matching any of the contained matchers.

func (Matchers) MatchAny Uses

func (m Matchers) MatchAny(s string) bool

MatchAny returns true iff any of the matchers returns true.

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