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package picker

import ""

Package picker defines/implements client balancer picker policy.


Package Files

doc.go err.go picker.go picker_policy.go roundrobin_balanced.go

type Picker Uses

type Picker interface {

Picker defines balancer Picker methods.

func NewErr Uses

func NewErr(err error) Picker

NewErr returns a picker that always returns err on "Pick".

func NewRoundrobinBalanced Uses

func NewRoundrobinBalanced(
    lg *zap.Logger,
    scs []balancer.SubConn,
    addrToSc map[resolver.Address]balancer.SubConn,
    scToAddr map[balancer.SubConn]resolver.Address,
) Picker

NewRoundrobinBalanced returns a new roundrobin balanced picker.

type Policy Uses

type Policy uint8

Policy defines balancer picker policy.

const (

    // RoundrobinBalanced balance loads over multiple endpoints
    // and implements failover in roundrobin fashion.
    RoundrobinBalanced Policy = iota

func (Policy) String Uses

func (p Policy) String() string

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