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package command

import ""

Package command is a set of libraries for etcdctl commands.


Package Files

auth_commands.go backup_command.go cluster_health.go doc.go error.go exec_watch_command.go format.go get_command.go ls_command.go member_commands.go mk_command.go mkdir_command.go rm_command.go rmdir_command.go role_commands.go set_command.go set_dir_command.go update_command.go update_dir_command.go user_commands.go util.go watch_command.go


const (
    ExitSuccess = iota


var (
    ErrNoAvailSrc = errors.New("no available argument and stdin")

func NewAuthCommands Uses

func NewAuthCommands() cli.Command

func NewBackupCommand Uses

func NewBackupCommand() cli.Command

func NewClusterHealthCommand Uses

func NewClusterHealthCommand() cli.Command

func NewExecWatchCommand Uses

func NewExecWatchCommand() cli.Command

NewExecWatchCommand returns the CLI command for "exec-watch".

func NewGetCommand Uses

func NewGetCommand() cli.Command

NewGetCommand returns the CLI command for "get".

func NewLsCommand Uses

func NewLsCommand() cli.Command

func NewMakeCommand Uses

func NewMakeCommand() cli.Command

NewMakeCommand returns the CLI command for "mk".

func NewMakeDirCommand Uses

func NewMakeDirCommand() cli.Command

NewMakeDirCommand returns the CLI command for "mkdir".

func NewMemberCommand Uses

func NewMemberCommand() cli.Command

func NewRemoveCommand Uses

func NewRemoveCommand() cli.Command

NewRemoveCommand returns the CLI command for "rm".

func NewRemoveDirCommand Uses

func NewRemoveDirCommand() cli.Command

NewRemoveDirCommand returns the CLI command for "rmdir".

func NewRoleCommands Uses

func NewRoleCommands() cli.Command

func NewSetCommand Uses

func NewSetCommand() cli.Command

NewSetCommand returns the CLI command for "set".

func NewSetDirCommand Uses

func NewSetDirCommand() cli.Command

NewSetDirCommand returns the CLI command for "setDir".

func NewUpdateCommand Uses

func NewUpdateCommand() cli.Command

NewUpdateCommand returns the CLI command for "update".

func NewUpdateDirCommand Uses

func NewUpdateDirCommand() cli.Command

NewUpdateDirCommand returns the CLI command for "updatedir".

func NewUserCommands Uses

func NewUserCommands() cli.Command

func NewWatchCommand Uses

func NewWatchCommand() cli.Command

NewWatchCommand returns the CLI command for "watch".

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