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package v3alarm

import ""

Package v3alarm manages health status alarms in etcd.


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type AlarmStore Uses

type AlarmStore struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

AlarmStore persists alarms to the backend.

func NewAlarmStore Uses

func NewAlarmStore(lg *zap.Logger, bg BackendGetter) (*AlarmStore, error)

func (*AlarmStore) Activate Uses

func (a *AlarmStore) Activate(id types.ID, at pb.AlarmType) *pb.AlarmMember

func (*AlarmStore) Deactivate Uses

func (a *AlarmStore) Deactivate(id types.ID, at pb.AlarmType) *pb.AlarmMember

func (*AlarmStore) Get Uses

func (a *AlarmStore) Get(at pb.AlarmType) (ret []*pb.AlarmMember)

type BackendGetter Uses

type BackendGetter interface {
    Backend() backend.Backend

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