PathSynopsis Versions humanize converts boring ugly numbers to human-friendly strings and back. gogoproto provides extensions for protocol buffers to achieve: proto converts data structures to and from the wire format of protocol buffers. descriptor provides functions for obtaining protocol buffer descriptors for generated Go types. jsonpb provides marshaling and unmarshaling between protocol buffers and JSON. proto converts data structures to and from the wire format of protocol buffers. ptypes contains code for interacting with well-known types. jsoniter implements encoding and decoding of JSON as defined in RFC 4627 and provides interfaces with identical syntax of standard lib encoding/json. & Generate text based table httpguts provides functions implementing various details of the HTTP specification. bidirule implements the Bidi Rule defined by RFC 5893. balancer defines APIs for load balancing in gRPC. base defines a balancer base that can be used to build balancers with different picking algorithms. roundrobin defines a roundrobin balancer. connectivity defines connectivity semantics. internal contains credentials-internal code. encoding defines the interface for the compressor and codec, and functions to register and retrieve compressors and codecs. proto defines the protobuf codec. health provides a service that exposes server's health and it must be imported to enable support for client-side health checks. internal contains gRPC-internal code, to avoid polluting the godoc of the top-level grpc package. backoff implement the backoff strategy for gRPC. balancerload defines APIs to parse server loads in trailers. binarylog implementation binary logging as defined in buffer provides an implementation of an unbounded buffer. channelz defines APIs for enabling channelz service, entry registration/deletion, and accessing channelz data. envconfig contains grpc settings configured by environment variables. grpcrand implements math/rand functions in a concurrent-safe way with a global random source, independent of math/rand's global source. grpcsync implements additional synchronization primitives built upon the sync package. syscall provides functionalities that grpc uses to get low-level operating system stats/info. transport defines and implements message oriented communication channel to complete various transactions (e.g., an RPC). keepalive defines configurable parameters for point-to-point healthcheck. naming defines the naming API and related data structures for gRPC. peer defines various peer information associated with RPCs and corresponding utils. resolver defines APIs for name resolution in gRPC. dns implements a dns resolver to be installed as the default resolver in grpc. passthrough implements a pass-through resolver. serviceconfig defines types and methods for operating on gRPC service configs. status implements errors returned by gRPC. tap defines the function handles which are executed on the transport layer of gRPC-Go and related information. atomic provides simple wrappers around numerics to enforce atomic access. bufferpool houses zap's shared internal buffer pool. color adds coloring functionality for TTY output. exit provides stubs so that unit tests can exercise code that calls os.Exit(1).

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