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package editor

import ""

Package editor provides utilities for editing and re-editing text files in an editor until the changes are accepted or the user aborts the attempt.


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func EditRetryLoop Uses

func EditRetryLoop(args RetryLoopArgs) error

EditRetryLoop seeds a temp file, prefixed with FilePrefix, with content from SelectFn and passes it to ApplyFn. If ApplyFn errors, the editor will be re-opened with recent error message included in the header comments. The current implementation prefixes comment lines with "#".

type RetryLoopArgs Uses

type RetryLoopArgs struct {
    // FilePrefix
    FilePrefix string
    // SelectFn returns content to be displayed within the editor.
    // It is invoked on each retry of the editing loop.
    SelectFn func() io.Reader
    // ApplyFn attempts to apply the edited contents. If it returns
    // an error, the editor will be re-opened with the error message.
    ApplyFn func(b []byte) error
    // AbortIfUnchanged indicates the editing loop should abort if the
    // editor exits without making any file changes. In this case,
    // ApplyFn is not called with edited content.
    AbortIfUnchanged bool

RetryLoopArgs is arguments of EditRetryLoop.

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