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package runconsumer

import ""

Package runconsumer extends consumer.Application with support for configuration and application initialization. It provides a Main function which executes the full consumer life-cycle, including config parsing, service bootstrap, and Shard serving.


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func Main Uses

func Main(app Application)

type Application Uses

type Application interface {

    // NewConfig returns a new, zero-valued Config instance.
    // Main calls NewConfig to obtain a new instance of the Application's
    // custom configuration type. It will next use `go-flags` to parse
    // command-line and environment flags into the provide Config, in order
    // to provide the Application with a complete configuration.
    NewConfig() Config
    // InitApplication initializes the Application.
    // Main calls InitApplication after parsing the Config and binding
    // HTTP and gRPC servers, but before announcing this process's
    // MemberSpec.
    // InitApplication is a good opportunity to register additional gRPC
    // services or perform other initialization.
    InitApplication(InitArgs) error

Application is the user-defined consumer Application which is executed by Main. It extends consumer.Application with callbacks to support custom configuration parsing and initialization.

type BaseConfig Uses

type BaseConfig struct {
    Consumer struct {
        Limit uint32 `long:"limit" env:"LIMIT" default:"32" description:"Maximum number of Shards this consumer process will allocate"`
    }   `group:"Consumer" namespace:"consumer" env-namespace:"CONSUMER"`

    Broker struct {
        FileRoot string `long:"file-root" env:"FILE_ROOT" description:"Local path which roots file:// fragment URLs which are being directly read (optional)"`
    }   `group:"Broker" namespace:"broker" env-namespace:"BROKER"`

    Etcd struct {

        Prefix string `long:"prefix" env:"PREFIX" default-mask:"/gazette/consumers/app-name-and-release" description:"Etcd prefix for the consumer group"`
    }   `group:"Etcd" namespace:"etcd" env-namespace:"ETCD"`

    Log         mbp.LogConfig         `group:"Logging" namespace:"log" env-namespace:"LOG"`
    Diagnostics mbp.DiagnosticsConfig `group:"Debug" namespace:"debug" env-namespace:"DEBUG"`

BaseConfig is the top-level configuration object of a Gazette consumer.

func (BaseConfig) GetBaseConfig Uses

func (c BaseConfig) GetBaseConfig() BaseConfig

GetBaseConfig returns itself, and trivially implements the Config interface.

type Config Uses

type Config interface {
    GetBaseConfig() BaseConfig

Config is the top-level configuration object of an Application. It must be parse-able by `go-flags`, and must present a BaseConfig.

type InitArgs Uses

type InitArgs struct {
    // Context of the service. Typically this is context.Background(),
    // but tests may prefer to use a scoped context.
    Context context.Context
    // Config previously returned by NewConfig, and since parsed into.
    Config Config
    // Server is a dual HTTP and gRPC Server. Applications may register
    // APIs they implement against the Server mux.
    Server *server.Server
    // Service of the consumer. Applications may use the Service to power Shard
    // resolution, request proxying, and state inspection.
    Service *consumer.Service
    // Tasks are independent, cancelable goroutines having the lifetime of
    // the consumer, such as service loops and the like. Applications may
    // add additional tasks which should be started with the consumer.
    Tasks *task.Group

InitArgs are arguments passed to Application.InitApplication.

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