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package tag

import ""


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type Set Uses

type Set []Tag

Set is an ordered list of Tags.

func NewTagSetFromMap Uses

func NewTagSetFromMap(m map[string]string) Set

NewTagSetFromMap creates a new tag set from a map.

func NewTagSetsFromMaps Uses

func NewTagSetsFromMaps(maps []map[string]string) []Set

NewTagSetsFromMaps creates new tag sets from maps.

func (Set) Contains Uses

func (ts Set) Contains(name, value string) bool

Contains indicates whether the name/value pair exists in the tagset.

func (Set) ContainsAll Uses

func (ts Set) ContainsAll(other []Tag) bool

ContainsAll indicates whether all the name/value pairs exist in the tagset.

type Tag Uses

type Tag struct {
    Name  string
    Value string

Tag is a name/vlaue pair.

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