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package azkv

import "go.mozilla.org/sops/v3/azkv"

Package azkv contains an implementation of the go.mozilla.org/sops/v3/keys.MasterKey interface that encrypts and decrypts the data key using Azure Key Vault with the Azure Go SDK.


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type MasterKey Uses

type MasterKey struct {
    VaultURL string
    Name     string
    Version  string

    EncryptedKey string
    CreationDate time.Time

MasterKey is a Azure Key Vault key used to encrypt and decrypt sops' data key.

func MasterKeysFromURLs Uses

func MasterKeysFromURLs(urls string) ([]*MasterKey, error)

MasterKeysFromURLs takes a comma separated list of Azure Key Vault URLs and returns a slice of new MasterKeys for them

func NewMasterKey Uses

func NewMasterKey(vaultURL string, keyName string, keyVersion string) *MasterKey

NewMasterKey creates a new MasterKey from an URL, key name and version, setting the creation date to the current date

func NewMasterKeyFromURL Uses

func NewMasterKeyFromURL(url string) (*MasterKey, error)

NewMasterKeyFromURL takes an Azure Key Vault key URL and returns a new MasterKey URL format is {vaultUrl}/keys/{key-name}/{key-version}

func (*MasterKey) Decrypt Uses

func (key *MasterKey) Decrypt() ([]byte, error)

Decrypt decrypts the EncryptedKey field with Azure Key Vault and returns the result.

func (*MasterKey) Encrypt Uses

func (key *MasterKey) Encrypt(dataKey []byte) error

Encrypt takes a sops data key, encrypts it with Key Vault and stores the result in the EncryptedKey field

func (*MasterKey) EncryptIfNeeded Uses

func (key *MasterKey) EncryptIfNeeded(dataKey []byte) error

EncryptIfNeeded encrypts the provided sops' data key and encrypts it if it hasn't been encrypted yet

func (*MasterKey) EncryptedDataKey Uses

func (key *MasterKey) EncryptedDataKey() []byte

EncryptedDataKey returns the encrypted data key this master key holds

func (*MasterKey) NeedsRotation Uses

func (key *MasterKey) NeedsRotation() bool

NeedsRotation returns whether the data key needs to be rotated or not.

func (*MasterKey) SetEncryptedDataKey Uses

func (key *MasterKey) SetEncryptedDataKey(enc []byte)

SetEncryptedDataKey sets the encrypted data key for this master key

func (MasterKey) ToMap Uses

func (key MasterKey) ToMap() map[string]interface{}

ToMap converts the MasterKey to a map for serialization purposes

func (*MasterKey) ToString Uses

func (key *MasterKey) ToString() string

ToString converts the key to a string representation

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