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package resource

import "go.opencensus.io/resource"

Package resource provides functionality for resource, which capture identifying information about the entities for which signals are exported.


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const (
    EnvVarType   = "OC_RESOURCE_TYPE"
    EnvVarLabels = "OC_RESOURCE_LABELS"

Environment variables used by FromEnv to decode a resource.

func DecodeLabels Uses

func DecodeLabels(s string) (map[string]string, error)

DecodeLabels decodes a serialized label map as used in the OC_RESOURCE_LABELS variable. A list of labels of the form `<key1>="<value1>",<key2>="<value2>",...` is accepted. Domain names and paths are accepted as label keys. Most users will want to use FromEnv instead.

func EncodeLabels Uses

func EncodeLabels(labels map[string]string) string

EncodeLabels encodes a labels map to a string as provided via the OC_RESOURCE_LABELS environment variable.

type Detector Uses

type Detector func(context.Context) (*Resource, error)

Detector attempts to detect resource information. If the detector cannot find resource information, the returned resource is nil but no error is returned. An error is only returned on unexpected failures.

func MultiDetector Uses

func MultiDetector(detectors ...Detector) Detector

MultiDetector returns a Detector that calls all input detectors in order and merges each result with the previous one. In case a type of label key is already set, the first set value is takes precedence. It returns on the first error that a sub-detector encounters.

type Resource Uses

type Resource struct {
    Type   string
    Labels map[string]string

Resource describes an entity about which identifying information and metadata is exposed. For example, a type "k8s.io/container" may hold labels describing the pod name and namespace.

func FromEnv Uses

func FromEnv(context.Context) (*Resource, error)

FromEnv is a detector that loads resource information from the OC_RESOURCE_TYPE and OC_RESOURCE_labelS environment variables.

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