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package resourcekeys

import "go.opencensus.io/resource/resourcekeys"

Package resourcekeys contains well known type and label keys for resources.


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const (
    K8SType = "k8s"

    // A uniquely identifying name for the Kubernetes cluster. Kubernetes
    // does not have cluster names as an internal concept so this may be
    // set to any meaningful value within the environment. For example,
    // GKE clusters have a name which can be used for this label.
    K8SKeyClusterName    = "k8s.cluster.name"
    K8SKeyNamespaceName  = "k8s.namespace.name"
    K8SKeyPodName        = "k8s.pod.name"
    K8SKeyDeploymentName = "k8s.deployment.name"

Constants for Kubernetes resources.

const (
    ContainerType = "container"

    // A uniquely identifying name for the Container.
    ContainerKeyName      = "container.name"
    ContainerKeyImageName = "container.image.name"
    ContainerKeyImageTag  = "container.image.tag"

Constants for Container resources.

const (
    CloudType = "cloud"

    CloudKeyProvider  = "cloud.provider"
    CloudKeyAccountID = "cloud.account.id"
    CloudKeyRegion    = "cloud.region"
    CloudKeyZone      = "cloud.zone"

    // Cloud Providers
    CloudProviderAWS   = "aws"
    CloudProviderGCP   = "gcp"
    CloudProviderAZURE = "azure"

Constants for Cloud resources.

const (
    HostType = "host"

    // A uniquely identifying name for the host.
    HostKeyName = "host.name"

    // A hostname as returned by the 'hostname' command on host machine.
    HostKeyHostName = "host.hostname"
    HostKeyID       = "host.id"
    HostKeyType     = "host.type"

Constants for Host resources.

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