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package global

import "go.opentelemetry.io/otel/api/global"

Package global provides global providers, propagators and more.


Package Files

doc.go handler.go metric.go propagation.go trace.go

func ErrorHandler Uses

func ErrorHandler() otel.ErrorHandler

ErrorHandler returns the global ErrorHandler instance. If no ErrorHandler instance has been set (`SetErrorHandler`), the default ErrorHandler which logs errors to STDERR is returned.

func Handle Uses

func Handle(err error)

Handle is a convience function for ErrorHandler().Handle(err)

func Meter Uses

func Meter(instrumentationName string, opts ...metric.MeterOption) metric.Meter

Meter creates an implementation of the Meter interface from the global MeterProvider. The instrumentationName must be the name of the library providing instrumentation. This name may be the same as the instrumented code only if that code provides built-in instrumentation. If the instrumentationName is empty, then a implementation defined default name will be used instead.

This is short for MeterProvider().Meter(name)

func MeterProvider Uses

func MeterProvider() metric.MeterProvider

MeterProvider returns the registered global meter provider. If none is registered then a default meter provider is returned that forwards the Meter interface to the first registered Meter.

Use the meter provider to create a named meter. E.g.

meter := global.MeterProvider().Meter("example.com/foo")


meter := global.Meter("example.com/foo")

func Propagators Uses

func Propagators() propagation.Propagators

Propagators returns the registered global propagators instance. If none is registered then an instance of propagators.NoopPropagators is returned.

func SetErrorHandler Uses

func SetErrorHandler(h otel.ErrorHandler)

SetErrorHandler sets the global ErrorHandler to be h.

func SetMeterProvider Uses

func SetMeterProvider(mp metric.MeterProvider)

SetMeterProvider registers `mp` as the global meter provider.

func SetPropagators Uses

func SetPropagators(p propagation.Propagators)

SetPropagators registers `p` as the global propagators instance.

func SetTracerProvider Uses

func SetTracerProvider(tp trace.TracerProvider)

SetTracerProvider registers `tp` as the global trace provider.

func Tracer Uses

func Tracer(name string) trace.Tracer

Tracer creates a named tracer that implements Tracer interface. If the name is an empty string then provider uses default name.

This is short for TracerProvider().Tracer(name)

func TracerProvider Uses

func TracerProvider() trace.TracerProvider

TracerProvider returns the registered global trace provider. If none is registered then an instance of NoopTracerProvider is returned.

Use the trace provider to create a named tracer. E.g.

tracer := global.TracerProvider().Tracer("example.com/foo")


tracer := global.Tracer("example.com/foo")



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