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package internal

import "go.opentelemetry.io/otel/api/global/internal"


Package Files

meter.go state.go trace.go

func MeterProvider Uses

func MeterProvider() metric.Provider

MeterProvider is the internal implementation for global.MeterProvider.

func ResetForTest Uses

func ResetForTest()

ResetForTest restores the initial global state, for testing purposes.

func SetMeterProvider Uses

func SetMeterProvider(mp metric.Provider)

SetMeterProvider is the internal implementation for global.SetMeterProvider.

func SetTraceProvider Uses

func SetTraceProvider(tp trace.Provider)

SetTraceProvider is the internal implementation for global.SetTraceProvider.

func TraceProvider Uses

func TraceProvider() trace.Provider

TraceProvider is the internal implementation for global.TraceProvider.

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