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package dogstatsd

import "go.opentelemetry.io/otel/exporter/metric/dogstatsd"


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func InstallNewPipeline Uses

func InstallNewPipeline(config Config) (*push.Controller, error)

InstallNewPipeline instantiates a NewExportPipeline and registers it globally. Typically called as:

pipeline, err := dogstatsd.InstallNewPipeline(dogstatsd.Config{...})
if err != nil {
defer pipeline.Stop()
... Done

func NewExportPipeline Uses

func NewExportPipeline(config Config) (*push.Controller, error)

NewExportPipeline sets up a complete export pipeline with the recommended setup, chaining a NewRawExporter into the recommended selectors and batchers.

type Config Uses

type Config = statsd.Config

type Exporter Uses

type Exporter struct {

    ReencodedLabelsCount int

Exporter implements a dogstatsd-format statsd exporter, which encodes label sets as independent fields in the output.

TODO: find a link for this syntax. It's been copied out of code, not a specification:


func NewRawExporter Uses

func NewRawExporter(config Config) (*Exporter, error)

NewRawExporter returns a new Dogstatsd-syntax exporter for use in a pipeline. This type implements the metric.LabelEncoder interface, allowing the SDK's unique label encoding to be pre-computed for the exporter and stored in the LabelSet.

func (*Exporter) AppendName Uses

func (*Exporter) AppendName(rec export.Record, buf *bytes.Buffer)

AppendName is part of the stats-internal adapter interface.

func (*Exporter) AppendTags Uses

func (e *Exporter) AppendTags(rec export.Record, buf *bytes.Buffer)

AppendTags is part of the stats-internal adapter interface.

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