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package metric

import "go.opentelemetry.io/otel/internal/metric"


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type Batch Uses

type Batch struct {
    // Measurement needs to be aligned for 64-bit atomic operations.
    Measurements []Measurement
    Ctx          context.Context
    LabelSet     *LabelSet

type Handle Uses

type Handle struct {
    Instrument *Instrument
    LabelSet   *LabelSet

func (*Handle) RecordOne Uses

func (h *Handle) RecordOne(ctx context.Context, number core.Number)

func (*Handle) Unbind Uses

func (h *Handle) Unbind()

type Instrument Uses

type Instrument struct {
    Name       string
    Kind       Kind
    NumberKind core.NumberKind
    Opts       apimetric.Options

func (*Instrument) Bind Uses

func (i *Instrument) Bind(labels apimetric.LabelSet) apimetric.BoundInstrumentImpl

func (*Instrument) RecordOne Uses

func (i *Instrument) RecordOne(ctx context.Context, number core.Number, labels apimetric.LabelSet)

type Kind Uses

type Kind int8
const (
    KindCounter Kind = iota

type LabelSet Uses

type LabelSet struct {
    TheMeter *Meter
    Labels   map[core.Key]core.Value

func (*LabelSet) Meter Uses

func (s *LabelSet) Meter() apimetric.Meter

type Measurement Uses

type Measurement struct {
    // Number needs to be aligned for 64-bit atomic operations.
    Number     core.Number
    Instrument *Instrument

type Meter Uses

type Meter struct {
    MeasurementBatches []Batch

func NewMeter Uses

func NewMeter() *Meter

func (*Meter) Labels Uses

func (m *Meter) Labels(labels ...core.KeyValue) apimetric.LabelSet

func (*Meter) NewFloat64Counter Uses

func (m *Meter) NewFloat64Counter(name string, cos ...apimetric.CounterOptionApplier) apimetric.Float64Counter

func (*Meter) NewFloat64Gauge Uses

func (m *Meter) NewFloat64Gauge(name string, gos ...apimetric.GaugeOptionApplier) apimetric.Float64Gauge

func (*Meter) NewFloat64Measure Uses

func (m *Meter) NewFloat64Measure(name string, mos ...apimetric.MeasureOptionApplier) apimetric.Float64Measure

func (*Meter) NewInt64Counter Uses

func (m *Meter) NewInt64Counter(name string, cos ...apimetric.CounterOptionApplier) apimetric.Int64Counter

func (*Meter) NewInt64Gauge Uses

func (m *Meter) NewInt64Gauge(name string, gos ...apimetric.GaugeOptionApplier) apimetric.Int64Gauge

func (*Meter) NewInt64Measure Uses

func (m *Meter) NewInt64Measure(name string, mos ...apimetric.MeasureOptionApplier) apimetric.Int64Measure

func (*Meter) RecordBatch Uses

func (m *Meter) RecordBatch(ctx context.Context, labels apimetric.LabelSet, measurements ...apimetric.Measurement)

type MeterProvider Uses

type MeterProvider struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewProvider Uses

func NewProvider() *MeterProvider

func (*MeterProvider) Meter Uses

func (p *MeterProvider) Meter(name string) apimetric.Meter

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