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package httptrace

import "go.opentelemetry.io/otel/plugin/httptrace"


Package Files

api.go clienttrace.go httptrace.go


var (
    HTTPStatus     = key.New("http.status")
    HTTPHeaderMIME = key.New("http.mime")
    HTTPRemoteAddr = key.New("http.remote")
    HTTPLocalAddr  = key.New("http.local")
    MessageKey     = key.New("message")
var (
    HostKey = key.New("http.host")
    URLKey  = key.New("http.url")

func Extract Uses

func Extract(ctx context.Context, req *http.Request) ([]core.KeyValue, []core.KeyValue, core.SpanContext)

Returns the Attributes, Context Entries, and SpanContext that were encoded by Inject.

func Inject Uses

func Inject(ctx context.Context, req *http.Request)

func NewClientTrace Uses

func NewClientTrace(ctx context.Context) *httptrace.ClientTrace

func W3C Uses

func W3C(ctx context.Context, req *http.Request) (context.Context, *http.Request)


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