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package trace

import "go.opentelemetry.io/otel/sdk/export/trace"


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type Event Uses

type Event struct {
    // Name is the name of this event
    Name string

    // Attributes describe the aspects of the event.
    Attributes []label.KeyValue

    // Time is the time at which this event was recorded.
    Time time.Time

Event is thing that happened during a Span's lifetime.

type SpanData Uses

type SpanData struct {
    SpanContext  otel.SpanContext
    ParentSpanID otel.SpanID
    SpanKind     otel.SpanKind
    Name         string
    StartTime    time.Time
    // The wall clock time of EndTime will be adjusted to always be offset
    // from StartTime by the duration of the span.
    EndTime                  time.Time
    Attributes               []label.KeyValue
    MessageEvents            []Event
    Links                    []otel.Link
    StatusCode               codes.Code
    StatusMessage            string
    HasRemoteParent          bool
    DroppedAttributeCount    int
    DroppedMessageEventCount int
    DroppedLinkCount         int

    // ChildSpanCount holds the number of child span created for this span.
    ChildSpanCount int

    // Resource contains attributes representing an entity that produced this span.
    Resource *resource.Resource

    // InstrumentationLibrary defines the instrumentation library used to
    // provide instrumentation.
    InstrumentationLibrary instrumentation.Library

SpanData contains all the information collected by a completed span.

type SpanExporter Uses

type SpanExporter interface {
    // ExportSpans exports a batch of SpanData.
    // This function is called synchronously, so there is no concurrency
    // safety requirement. However, due to the synchronous calling pattern,
    // it is critical that all timeouts and cancellations contained in the
    // passed context must be honored.
    // Any retry logic must be contained in this function. The SDK that
    // calls this function will not implement any retry logic. All errors
    // returned by this function are considered unrecoverable and will be
    // reported to a configured error Handler.
    ExportSpans(ctx context.Context, spanData []*SpanData) error
    // Shutdown notifies the exporter of a pending halt to operations. The
    // exporter is expected to preform any cleanup or synchronization it
    // requires while honoring all timeouts and cancellations contained in
    // the passed context.
    Shutdown(ctx context.Context) error

SpanExporter handles the delivery of SpanData to external receivers. This is the final component in the trace export pipeline.


tracetesttracetest is a testing helper package for the SDK.

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