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package trace

import "go.opentelemetry.io/otel/sdk/export/trace"


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type SpanExporter Uses

type SpanExporter interface {
    // ExportSpans exports a batch of SpanSnapshots.
    // This function is called synchronously, so there is no concurrency
    // safety requirement. However, due to the synchronous calling pattern,
    // it is critical that all timeouts and cancellations contained in the
    // passed context must be honored.
    // Any retry logic must be contained in this function. The SDK that
    // calls this function will not implement any retry logic. All errors
    // returned by this function are considered unrecoverable and will be
    // reported to a configured error Handler.
    ExportSpans(ctx context.Context, ss []*SpanSnapshot) error
    // Shutdown notifies the exporter of a pending halt to operations. The
    // exporter is expected to preform any cleanup or synchronization it
    // requires while honoring all timeouts and cancellations contained in
    // the passed context.
    Shutdown(ctx context.Context) error

SpanExporter handles the delivery of SpanSnapshot structs to external receivers. This is the final component in the trace export pipeline.

type SpanSnapshot Uses

type SpanSnapshot struct {
    SpanContext  trace.SpanContext
    ParentSpanID trace.SpanID
    SpanKind     trace.SpanKind
    Name         string
    StartTime    time.Time
    // The wall clock time of EndTime will be adjusted to always be offset
    // from StartTime by the duration of the span.
    EndTime                  time.Time
    Attributes               []label.KeyValue
    MessageEvents            []trace.Event
    Links                    []trace.Link
    StatusCode               codes.Code
    StatusMessage            string
    HasRemoteParent          bool
    DroppedAttributeCount    int
    DroppedMessageEventCount int
    DroppedLinkCount         int

    // ChildSpanCount holds the number of child span created for this span.
    ChildSpanCount int

    // Resource contains attributes representing an entity that produced this span.
    Resource *resource.Resource

    // InstrumentationLibrary defines the instrumentation library used to
    // provide instrumentation.
    InstrumentationLibrary instrumentation.Library

SpanSnapshot is a snapshot of a span which contains all the information collected by the span. Its main purpose is exporting completed spans. Although SpanSnapshot fields can be accessed and potentially modified, SpanSnapshot should be treated as immutable. Changes to the span from which the SpanSnapshot was created are NOT reflected in the SpanSnapshot.


tracetesttracetest is a testing helper package for the SDK.

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