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package sysloglion

import ""

Package sysloglion defines functionality for integration with syslog.


Package Files

pusher.go syslog.go


var (
    // DefaultTextMarshaller is the default text Marshaller for syslog.
    DefaultTextMarshaller = lion.NewTextMarshaller(

func NewPusher Uses

func NewPusher(writer *syslog.Writer, options ...PusherOption) lion.Pusher

NewPusher creates a new lion.Pusher that logs using syslog.

type PusherOption Uses

type PusherOption func(*pusher)

PusherOption is an option for constructing a new Pusher.

func PusherWithMarshaller Uses

func PusherWithMarshaller(marshaller lion.Marshaller) PusherOption

PusherWithMarshaller uses the Marshaller for the Pusher.

By default, DefaultTextMarshaller is used.

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