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package encoded

import ""

Package encoded contains wrappers that are used for binary payloads deserialization.


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type DataConverter Uses

type DataConverter = internal.DataConverter

DataConverter is used by the framework to serialize/deserialize input and output of activity/workflow that need to be sent over the wire. To encode/decode workflow arguments, one should set DataConverter in two places:

1. Workflow worker, through worker.Options
2. Client, through client.Options

To encode/decode Activity/ChildWorkflow arguments, one should set DataConverter in two places:

1. Inside workflow code, use workflow.WithDataConverter to create new Context,

and pass that context to ExecuteActivity/ExecuteChildWorkflow calls. Cadence support using different DataConverters for different activity/childWorkflow in same workflow.

2. Activity/Workflow worker that run these activity/childWorkflow, through worker.Options.

func GetDefaultDataConverter Uses

func GetDefaultDataConverter() DataConverter

GetDefaultDataConverter return default data converter used by Cadence worker

type Value Uses

type Value = internal.Value

Value is used to encapsulate/extract encoded value from workflow/activity.

type Values Uses

type Values = internal.Values

Values is used to encapsulate/extract encoded one or more values from workflow/activity.

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