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package interceptors

import ""


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type WorkflowInterceptor Uses

type WorkflowInterceptor = internal.WorkflowInterceptor

WorkflowInterceptor is an interface that can be implemented to intercept calls to the workflow function as well calls done by the workflow code. Use worker.WorkflowInterceptorBase as a base struct for implementations that do not want to implement every method. Interceptor implementation must forward calls to the next in the interceptor chain. All code in the interceptor is executed in the workflow.Context of a workflow. So all the rules and restrictions that apply to the workflow code should be obeyed by the interceptor implementation. Use workflow.IsReplaying(ctx) to filter out duplicated calls.

type WorkflowInterceptorBase Uses

type WorkflowInterceptorBase = internal.WorkflowInterceptorBase

WorkflowInterceptorBase is a noop implementation of WorkflowInterceptor that just forwards requests to the next link in an interceptor chain. To be used as base implementation of interceptors.

type WorkflowInterceptorFactory Uses

type WorkflowInterceptorFactory = internal.WorkflowInterceptorFactory

WorkflowInterceptorFactory is used to create a single link in the interceptor chain

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