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package util

import ""


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stringer.go util.go

func AwaitWaitGroup Uses

func AwaitWaitGroup(wg *sync.WaitGroup, timeout time.Duration) bool

AwaitWaitGroup calls Wait on the given wait Returns true if the Wait() call succeeded before the timeout Returns false if the Wait() did not return before the timeout

func DecisionToString Uses

func DecisionToString(d *s.Decision) string

DecisionToString convert Decision to string

func HistoryEventToString Uses

func HistoryEventToString(e *s.HistoryEvent) string

HistoryEventToString convert HistoryEvent to string

func IsTypeByteSlice Uses

func IsTypeByteSlice(inType reflect.Type) bool

IsTypeByteSlice checks whether the type passed in is a ByteSlice type

func MergeDictoRight Uses

func MergeDictoRight(src map[string]string, dest map[string]string)

MergeDictoRight copies the contents of src to dest

func MergeDicts Uses

func MergeDicts(dic1 map[string]string, dic2 map[string]string) (resultDict map[string]string)

MergeDicts creates a union of the two dicts

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