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package goleak

import "go.uber.org/goleak"

Package goleak is a Goroutine leak detector.


Package Files

doc.go leaks.go options.go testmain.go

func Find Uses

func Find(options ...Option) error

Find looks for extra goroutines, and returns a descriptive error if any are found.

func VerifyNone Uses

func VerifyNone(t TestingT, options ...Option)

VerifyNone marks the given TestingT as failed if any extra goroutines are found by Find. This is a helper method to make it easier to integrate in tests by doing:

defer VerifyNone(t)

func VerifyTestMain Uses

func VerifyTestMain(m TestingM, options ...Option)

VerifyTestMain can be used in a TestMain function for package tests to verify that there were no goroutine leaks. To use it, your TestMain function should look like:

func TestMain(m *testing.M) {

See https://golang.org/pkg/testing/#hdr-Main for more details.

This will run all tests as per normal, and if they were successful, look for any goroutine leaks and fail the tests if any leaks were found.

type Option Uses

type Option interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

Option lets users specify custom verifications.

func IgnoreCurrent Uses

func IgnoreCurrent() Option

IgnoreCurrent records all current goroutines when the option is created, and ignores them in any future Find/Verify calls.

func IgnoreTopFunction Uses

func IgnoreTopFunction(f string) Option

IgnoreTopFunction ignores any goroutines where the specified function is at the top of the stack. The function name should be fully qualified, e.g., go.uber.org/goleak.IgnoreTopFunction

type TestingM Uses

type TestingM interface {
    Run() int

TestingM is the minimal subset of testing.M that we use.

type TestingT Uses

type TestingT interface {

TestingT is the minimal subset of testing.TB that we use.



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