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package ptr

import ""

Package ptr provides helpers to convert basic types to pointers.


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func Bool Uses

func Bool(x bool) *bool

Bool converts a bool to a pointer

func Float64 Uses

func Float64(x float64) *float64

Float64 converts a float64 to a pointer

func Int16 Uses

func Int16(x int16) *int16

Int16 converts an int32 to a pointer

func Int32 Uses

func Int32(x int32) *int32

Int32 converts an int32 to a pointer

func Int64 Uses

func Int64(x int64) *int64

Int64 converts an int64 to a pointer

func Int8 Uses

func Int8(x int8) *int8

Int8 converts an int8 to a pointer

func String Uses

func String(x string) *string

String converts a string to a pointer

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