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bytereplacerPackage bytereplacer provides a utility for replacing parts of byte slices.
cloud/cloudlaunchPackage cloudlaunch helps binaries run themselves on The Cloud, copying themselves to GCE.
cloud/google/gceutilPackage gceutil provides utility functions to help with instances on Google Compute Engine.
cloud/google/gcsutilPackage gcsutil provides tools for accessing Google Cloud Storage until they can be completely replaced by cloud.google.com/go/storage.
ctxutilPackage ctxutil contains golang.org/x/net/context related utilities.
errorutilPackage errorutil helps make better error messages.
faultPackage fault handles fault injection for testing.
jsonconfigPackage jsonconfig defines a helper type for JSON objects to be used for configuration.
legalPackage legal provides in-process storage for compiled-in licenses.
lockPackage lock is a file locking library.
media/heifPackage heif reads HEIF containers, as found in Apple HEIC/HEVC images.
media/heif/bmffPackage bmff reads ISO BMFF boxes, as used by HEIF, etc.
media/heif/dumpheifThe dumpheif program dumps the structure and metadata of a HEIF file.
mustPackage must contains helpers that panic on failure.
net/throttlePackage throttle provides a net.Listener that returns artificially-delayed connections for testing real-world connectivity.
oauthutilPackage oauthutil contains OAuth 2 related utilities.
osutilPackage osutil contains os level functions.
readerutilPackage readerutil provides and operates on io.Readers.
readerutil/singlereaderpackage singlereader provides Open and Close operations, reusing existing file descriptors when possible.
reflectutilPackage reflectutil contains reflect utilities.
rollsumPackage rollsum implements rolling checksums similar to apenwarr's bup, which is similar to librsync.
sortPackage sort provides primitives for sorting slices and user-defined collections.
strutilPackage strutil contains string and byte processing functions.
syncutilPackage syncutil provides various synchronization utilities.
syncutil/singleflightPackage singleflight provides a duplicate function call suppression mechanism.
syncutil/syncdebugPackage syncdebug contains facilities for debugging synchronization problems.
testing/functestPackage functest contains utilities to ease writing table-driven tests for pure functions and method.
typesPackage types provides various common types.
wkfsPackage wkfs implements the pluggable "well-known filesystem" abstraction layer.
wkfs/gcsPackage gcs registers a Google Cloud Storage filesystem at the well-known /gcs/ filesystem path if the current machine is running on Google Compute Engine.
writerutilPackage writerutil contains io.Writer types.
xdgdirPackage xdgdir implements the Free Desktop Base Directory specification for locating directories.

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